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Welcome to our website from all of the team at City Cardiology. Based in central London and led by multiple award winning Cardiologist Dr Dan Sado, we offer expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of patients who have or have the potential to have heart disease. We see patients with all potential heart related symptoms (for example chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations and swollen ankles) and work in close collaboration with a range leading heart physicians and vascular surgeons with differing areas of expertise to ensure that all of our patients receive optimal care.

Outside of clinical care, we are active in research into heart diseases and the education of healthcare professionals.

Why Go Private?

Going private guarantees you a consultation directly with me without any waiting times or delays. You’ll receive the same excellent service every time and have the time needed to fully discuss any concerns or treatments.


All of the benefits of my private health care are still available to those with or without insurance. Consultations are still sat directly with me at a convenient time for you. Click the button below to find out more.

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    Dr Daniel Sado

    Who Am I And How Can I Help?

    My name is Dr Dan Sado and I am the clinical lead at City Cardiology. I work as a Consultant Cardiologist with an NHS base at Kings College Hospital, London, a tertiary referral centre of excellence for heart disease. My work in the private sector is based in various central and south London locations. I see patients face to face in London and offer online consultations for patients from around the UK.

    MRI Specialist

    MRI: Everything You Need To Know

    MRI Scans allows us to capture high resolution images of the structure and function of your heart. Using this data with can make a detailed analysis about the current condition of your heart.

    Scans usually take around 40 minutes and are considered the gold standard when it comes to assessing the structure and functionality of the heart and whether or not there it has any inflammation or scarring. We can also assess how the heart performs under stress to see if there is a problem with it’s blood supply (coronary artery disease). You can find out more about MRI Scans and related information by clicking either of the buttons below.

    Professional Enhancement

    If you’re just getting started within the medical sector or would like to further enhance your training and skills I have a number of resources available to you. All knowledge is based around my extensive experience as a Cardiology and a local, regional and national leader.

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